NE WC Court Published Injury Report For 2000 – 2009

Lincoln, NE (CompNewsNetwork) - The Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court posted the statistical report for injury years between 2000 and 2009. This report summarizes information reported to the court by employers and insurers for work-related injuries and illnesses that occurred during calendar years 2000 through 2009, regardless of the year in which the reports were filed. The data includes information reported through April 30, 2010 and is compiled in the tables described below in accordance with the year in which the injury occurred.
• Table 1, Injuries Reported by Gender
• Table 2, Injuries Reported by Age (at the time of injury)
• Table 3, Injuries Reported by Part of Body
• Table 4, Injuries Reported by Cause of Injury
• Table 5, Injuries Reported by Nature of Injury
• Table 6, Injuries Reported by Industry
• Table 7, Payments Reported by Benefit Type
• Table 8, Payments Reported by Injury

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