NE EDI Claims Search Web Application To Be Decommissioned


Lincoln, NE (CompNewsNetwork) - The Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court will decommission its Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) claims search web application effective April 1, 2010.

EDI claims search background

The claims search web application was implemented in July 2002 to help prepare our EDI trading partners to report payment information electronically. This tool was especially useful in the early days of EDI subsequent reporting because it allowed trading partners to search for basic match data, such as agency claim numbers, on first reports of injury that had originally been transmitted on paper prior to implementation of EDI.

EDI claim and payment reporting has been the established standard in Nebraska for a number of years and nearly all claims information is now transmitted and stored electronically, including EDI acknowledgements. The acknowledgements are transmitted to our trading partners to acknowledge receipt, acceptance or rejection of their reporting transmissions.

Because these acknowledgements provide the basic match data needed to report payment information, use of the claims search web application has diminished considerably.

How to obtain EDI match data

After the claims search web application is decommissioned, our trading partners will still have three methods for obtaining match data for their claims:

   -  Reviewing their acknowledgements from the court,

   -  Submitting records requests on the court's web site, and

   -  Contacting the court's EDI staff.

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