NCRB Updates Guide For Submitting Policy Data Electronically


Raleigh, NC (CompNewsNetwork) - The North Carolina Rate Bureau updated a guide for submitting policy data electronically, yesterday. NCRB follows the standard reporting guidelines as defined in the WCIO Workers Compensation Data Specifications Manual‐WCPOLS section. Here is an excerpt:

"Carrier's must submit both hard copy (PDF via email is preferred) and electronic versions (through CDX) of the same policy transactions once in test. When sending hard copy test data through the mail, the hard copy data must be marked clearly as ‘TEST ONLY' and sent to the “Attention of Industry Support”. During testing, data is entered into a test database and the hard copy forms are compared to the electronic version for accuracy. You must continue to send hard copy production data to our office until approval for electronic submissions has been granted. After testing, hard copy data will only be required for those transaction codes that the carrier is not approved to submit electronically to our production database. If a carrier is returned to test mode for any reason, that carrier will again be required to submit hard copy. A mixture of old production data and non‐production data is allowed for testing purposes. The source of the data must be clearly labeled whenever the information is created solely for testing purposes.

The results of each test must be:

• Submitted data with a limited number of errors and NO submission rejection errors

• No discrepancies between the electronic transactions and the corresponding hard copy data"

About North Carolina Rate Bureau

The North Carolina Rate Bureau (NCRB) is a non-profit, unincorporated rating bureau created by the General Assembly of North Carolina under the provisions of Article 36 of Chapter 58 of the General Statutes of North Carolina on September 1, 1977. 

NCRB provides services and programs for the insurance industry in North Carolina for automobile, property and workers compensation.

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