NCCI Outlines Some Effects National Health Care May Have For WC

                               Boca Raton, FL - NCCI anticipates that the national Health Care Bill—HR 3590—and the modified, as enacted, Reconciliation Act of 2010—HR 4872—may result in changes to workers compensation administrative systems and costs. The overall magnitude and direction of the impacts are not currently measurable, due to the following:
  • The details of implementation are not currently known, and may take several years to be enacted
  • There are potentially offsetting impacts
  • The ultimate impacts depend on behavioral changes and actions by claimants, attorneys, healthcare providers, insurers, and regulators

The report outlines some of the potential direct and indirect effects that the recently passed national Health Care Bill might have for the workers compensation insurance market—as well as some longer term items that the industry will need to keep an eye on.

Source: National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc.

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