NC: New “Flag The Hazard” Workplace Safety Campaign Launched for Safety Month


Raleigh, NC ( - Governor Roy Cooper has issued a proclamation declaring June as Safety Month in North Carolina, urging individuals and employers to be proactive in reducing risk by following basic safety rules and practices.

The N.C. Office of State Human Resources (OSHR) is supporting these efforts by launching Flag The Hazard, a new statewide hazard awareness campaign for state government.

“Flag The Hazard will help make state employee workplaces safer,” said Gov. Cooper, who recorded a brief video safety message that was shared today via email with state employees. “A safe workplace allows state employees to focus on what they do best: contribute to the delivery of programs and services that make North Carolina a great place to live, work, play and do business.”

Gov. Cooper urged all people and businesses to take similar steps to reduce injury by minimizing or eliminating risks at home and at work. Common examples include uneven flooring and worn or torn carpet; broken, damaged or unsuitable furniture; exposed or frayed electrical wiring; and water leaks and wet spots on floors. Only use tools and machines in proper working condition and use appropriate personal protective equipment.

State agencies and universities will be holding special safety education activities throughout June encouraging employees to engage in proactive efforts to recognize and correct existing unsafe workplaces. The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, for example, has scheduled a series of weekly outreach events at locations across the state.

In addition, state employees are being encouraged to report potential workplace hazards via a new online Flag The Hazard reporting tool. Reports will be sent automatically to the appropriate agency safety coordinator for handling. Employees without computer access may report concerns directly to their safety coordinator.

“Ongoing hazard awareness is key to reducing work-related injuries, protecting state employee well-being, and reducing workers’ compensation costs,” said Scarlette Gardner, Director of OSHR’s Division of Safety, Health and Workers’ Compensation. “Our goal is to build a culture of safety across state government, and for employees to apply those good practices at home to help everyone enjoy safer and more productive lives.”

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