'Nailed' Blog Features L&I’s Fraud-Fighting Actions


Tumwater, LA (CompNewsNetwork) - The Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) has launched a blog highlighting the agency's work combating workers' comp and contractor fraud.

The blog, called Nailed, contains information on major fraud convictions, surveillance video from investigations and links to fraud-related news coverage.

Currently on Nailed:

  • “Contractor Gets Nailed” features a bad contractor leaving court in handcuffs.
  • “Tip of an iceberg leads to a Titanic assessment” tells how a tip led investigators to $672,326.
  • “L&I investigation helps to convict child killer” describes an L&I investigation that helped in the murder case of Joel Zellmer

“People tend to think fraud only involves workers cheating the workers' comp system, but it's much more than that,” said Carl Hammersburg, Fraud Prevention and Compliance program manager and author of Nailed. “Millions of dollars are lost when employers, medical providers and contractors commit fraud. The blog will show how my staff is working to fight fraud and also how we bring cheaters into compliance. I also hope Nailed will attract attention to workers' comp fraud and encourage more people to tip us off to fraudulent activities.”

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