MO Governor Makes Board And Commission Appointments


Labor and Industrial Relations Commission

The Governor has appointed John J. Larsen Jr. (D), of St. Louis, to the Labor and Industrial Relations Commission. The commission reviews administrative appeals of workers' compensation, unemployment compensation, crime victims' compensation and tort victims' compensation cases, and also conducts evidentiary hearings pertaining to prevailing wage objections to the general and annual wage orders.

A graduate of the Saint Louis University School of Law, Larsen has previously served on the Board of Governors of the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, and has served as Vice-Chair on the Workers' Compensation Committee of the Missouri Bar Association. In 2011, he was elected to the College of Workers' Compensation Lawyers. The Governor has appointed him for a term ending June 27, 2018.
Jefferson City, MO ( - Gov. Jay Nixon today announced his appointments to 13 boards and commissions. The appointments will be subject to confirmation by the Missouri Senate.

Missouri Health Facilities Review Committee

The Governor has appointed Judith Grace O'Connor (D), of St. Charles, to the Missouri Health Facilities Review Committee. The committee's mission is cost containment through health cost management, assurance of community need and the prevention of unnecessary duplication of health care services. Certificate of Need is based on a goal of public accountability through review of proposed health care services, value promotion, and negotiation among competing interests.

O'Connor served as a State Representative from 1971 to 1992. She was the chairman of the Public Health and Safety Committee, and a member of the Judiciary Committee, the Budget Committee on Health and Safety, and the Governors Committee on Higher Education. She also served as the finance manager for the Pattonville Bridgeton Terrace Fire Protection District from 1998 to 2006. The Governor appointed her for a term ending Jan. 1, 2015.

State Rehabilitation Council

The Governor has appointed Daniel R. Cayou, of Columbia; and re-appointed Mary D. Stodden, of St. Charles, to the State Rehabilitation Council. The council reviews, analyzes, and advises the Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation regarding its performance on such issues as eligibility, services provided to consumers, and any other functions affecting persons with disabilities.

Cayou is an attorney with Missouri Protection and Advocacy Services, where he handles litigation for the rights of the disabled. He obtained both his law and his bachelor's degree from the University of Missouri. The Governor has appointed Cayou for a term ending March 11, 2015.

Stodden has served as the librarian at St. Charles High School since 1988, and has served on the Rehabilitation Council since 2007. She earned her master's degree in library and information science from the University of Missouri. The Governor has re-appointed her for a term ending March 11, 2016.



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