Missouri Senate Passes Workers' Comp Bill

                               Jefferson City, MO (CompNewsNetwork) - Senate Bill 8, sponsored by Sen. Goodman, R-Mt. Vernon, was passed today by the Senate. The bill was introduced in the Missouri Senate on the first day of session, Jan. 5, and was passed in the Senate on March 17.


If enacted into law, Senate Bill 8 would protect Missouri employees from personal lawsuits caused by honest accidents while at work. The bill would only hold co-employees accountable if he or she purposefully and/or dangerously caused harm to another employee.


The bill would repeal an appeals court decision in Robinson v Hooker. In the lawsuit, an employee with the City of Kansas City (Robinson) was injured when a co-worker (Hooker) lost her grip on a high-pressure hose, causing the hose to sway and hitting Robinson in the eye. As a result, Robinson was blinded in that eye. After settling the workers' compensation claim, Robinson brought a civil negligence lawsuit against Hooker. The Circuit Court granted Hooker's motion to dismiss, which was reversed by the Court of Appeals.


SB 8 also specifies that occupational diseases are covered under workers' compensation laws, unless employers intentionally put their employees at risk. 

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