MI's Pay Lag Report For 2008 Available

Lansing, MI (CompNewsNetwork) - The 2008 Pay Lag Report showing the pay lag results by industry group as well as individual company is now available. Although improvements have been made, the current average is still 3 days longer than the time period required by statute. The agency cannot overemphasize the need to investigate all claims as soon as possible and provide payment of benefits to all entitled individuals within the 14 day time frame required by law.

This report only covers claims where an initial Form 701 was submitted from 1/1/08 through 12/31/08. Only voluntary payment claims were selected. Claims in which a Form 104A or 104C was filed, a Form 107 was received before the initial Form 701, or in which partial benefits were initially paid were excluded.

Please review your company's performance over the last year and the manner in which Form 701 filings are being made. If this form is filled out incorrectly, it can increase the number of pay lag days.

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