Michigan's Report Of Disputes Show 9.7% Of Claims Disputed In 2011


Lansing, MI (WorkersCompensation.com) - The report listed below shows the number of initial voluntary payment claims for 2011 that were disputed. We have excluded any claims in which a Form 104A or 104C was filed or in which partial benefits were initially paid.  As noted in the chart below, the average for all companies is 9.7%. 

We urge you to examine the report and compare your company's percentage to others in your grouping as well as to the statewide average.  While I appreciate that there are going to be situations where payment of compensation should be disputed, there certainly is no excuse for filing Notices of Dispute in a high percentage of payment cases. We ask that you examine your company's current policy on this issue and remind your claims department that filing unnecessary Notices of Dispute may do more to encourage litigation rather than prevent it, and adds additional costs to the agency in having to process these forms.

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