MI House Republicans Blasts Bill Giving WC Benefits To Illegal Immigrants

                               Lansing, MI (CompNewsNetwork) - State Rep. Dave Agema blasted a move by a Democratic representative to offer workers compensation benefits to illegal immigrants.

"At a time when Michigan has the highest unemployment in the nation, it's hard to believe that people are trying to pass laws that encourage illegal immigrants to come take our jobs," said Agema, R-Grandville. "This is a perfect example of the different thought processes between Republicans and Democrats and how damaging some legislation can really be."

Agema has introduced several bills to block such benefits from being handed out to illegal immigrant workers. House Bill 4186 denies workers compensation benefits to illegal aliens who falsified identification documents to get a job. House Bills 4355 and 4969 require state agencies and personnel agencies to verify the citizenship status of all job applicants with the real-time "E-verification" program in order to keep illegal aliens off the payrolls.

"Offering benefits to illegal immigrants is rewarding illegal behavior," Agema said. "It's preposterous that anyone would actually introduce a bill so diametrically opposed to the interests of the people they were elected to serve."
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