MA's DIA's Document Management System Is Nearing Completion

Boston, MA (CompNewsNetwork) – The Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) is approaching the launch window of its Document Management System (DMS) - 1st Quarter 2009 (Date TBA). At that time, all documents submitted to the DIA in hard copy (paper) at Conciliation, Conference or as correspondence to an adjudicator regarding a specific case, must be accompanied by bar-coded coversheet which can be generated using a specific tool within the on-line user accounts for all parties. The system will be used to store all case related documents going forward. The DIA will maintain permanent records using this system. We will provide secured on-line viewing access to the case files, for the parties involved, via our Internet Portal:

In order to obtain access to case files and to generate case specific bar-coded coversheets, you or your organization must be a party to the matter and you MUST have an on-line user account with the DIA. These accounts are available to attorneys, insurers and claimants. Existing account holders do not need to apply for a new account as you active account will contain all the necessary tools to view case documents and generate bar-coded coversheets from anywhere you have Internet access. Please review the DMS tutorials and information on our web-site at - look for the "Document Management System" link in the middle of the page. This site provides detailed information on the operation of the DMS and the role of the users and what they must do to comply with document submission protocols and how to obtain and on-line user account.

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