Maryland Proposes To Amend Attorney’s And Medical Evaluation Fees


Baltimore, MD ( - The Workers' Compensation Commission proposes to amend Regulation .24 under COMAR 14.09.01 Procedural Regulations. This action was considered at a public meeting on March 22, 2012, notice of which was given by publication in 39:4 Md. R. 358 (February 24, 2012) pursuant to State Government Article §10-506(c), Annotated Code of Maryland. The purpose of this action is to recodify and amend the requirement that an appellant's attorney send a copy of a petition for judicial review to the Assistant Attorney General representing the Commission if the issue being appealed is the award of attorney's fees. This requirement was previously set forth in COMAR By separate action, that section is being removed so that the substance of that section may be added to this chapter, which is more thematically appropriate.  Comments may be sent to Amy S. Lackington, Administrator, Workers' Compensation Commission, 10 E. Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21202, or call 410-864-5300, or email to, or FAX to 410-864-5301. Comments will be accepted through June 18, 2012. A public hearing has not been scheduled.

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