LinkedIn Workers' Compensation Roundtable Passes 5,000 Member Mark


Sarasota, FL ( - The co-managers of the LinkedIn Group Workers' Compensation Roundtable have announced their group passed the 5,000 member mark over the Memorial Day weekend. It is only the second workers' comp specific group to achieve that level of membership.

Over 4,500 members have been added in the last 18 months, and the group is now the #1 relevant result in group searches for “workers' compensation” on LinkedIn.

The Roundtable was formed by workers' compensation expert Rebecca Shafer, a noted expert in workers' compensation cost containment methods and author of the book "Workers Compensation Management Program: Reduce Costs 20% to 50%". She founded the group in 2009 to facilitate quality discussions for a variety of workers' comp issues. In November of 2010 joined Shafer to co-manage the group.

Robert Wilson, President & CEO of, explains the concept the managers have employed for this group, which they refer to as a "hub and spoke" design. He says, "The design of the LinkedIn forums make it very difficult to effectively track many active conversations at one time, and that is a constant challenge for large, successful groups like ours. As we continue to grow, we are determined to prevent the group from becoming too diluted, and the conversations and information from being “too hard to track”. We envision the Roundtable itself being the core strength of the group (the “hub”), but to allow more targeted and focused discussions through select and better defined sub groups (the spokes”).

The Roundtable currently has several active subgroups, the most active of which is WCLaw Talk by NWCDN, managed by the National Workers Compensation Defense Network. Also available is Workers' Compensation Technology Alliance, Workers' Compference - Workers' Comp Education Discussion Center, Friends of Sandy Blunt, and the recently opened Return to Work Roundtable.

A Workers' Comp Subrogation Recovery and Liens Group will be open within a few days.

Persons interested in joining the Roundtable may go to


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