Kids’ Chance Founder Named Comp Laude Award Finalist


Philadelphiia, PA ( - Robert M. Clyatt founded Kids’ Chance of Georgia in 1988. Through his work as a workers’ compensation attorney, he had witnessed the life-shattering impact that a serious workplace injury had on the children of the injured worker. He wanted to give them a chance at a better future. 

This year, Bob has been selected as a finalist for a Comp Laude® Award. The mission of Comp Laude® is to change the narrative of workers’ compensation to a more positive dialogue and bring all stakeholders to the table to participate in that conversation.

“A select few in this community of workers’ compensation that have instigated systemic change  Bob Clyatt is one of those,” shared David Langham of Kids’ Chance of Flordia. He nominated Bob for the award. “His simple vision, engaged locally, has evolved into a national movement to the great benefit of thousands. His focus on the families of workers’ compensation is inspiring.”

Bob’s ultimate vision was to have a Kids’ Chance organization in every state. With 47 state organizations across the country, we’re almost there.

“When I think of Bob Clyatt, whom I have never met, I am reminded that workers are people, with families, dreams, and aspirations,” David concluded when speaking about Bob. “When a debilitating injury occurs, it affects more than the worker. The Movement that Bob Clyatt started reminds us, inspires us, and focuses us on an important but too often forgotten constituency.”

Bob Clyatt is not the only member of the Kids Chance community to be selected as a finalist. Bob Wilson, Artemis Emslie, Chuck Davoli, Roberto Ceniceiros, Marques Torbert, Sandy Shtab, Cari Miller, and Michael Rydman are also finalists for this award. Kids’ Chance is proud of the caliber of volunteer that supports our mission nationwide.

The Comp Laude Awards will be announced on Tuesday, September 24th, from 5:30-6:30pm. To learn more, please visit their website

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