Jane Phillips Medical Center Furthers Patient Medication Safety With Sentri7

Bellevue, WA (CompNewsNetwork) – Jane Phillips Medical Center has joined the growing list of hospitals that have implemented Sentri7--a system that allows hospital-based pharmacists to cross reference patients' health information with the medication patients are receiving to ensure optimal care.

With Sentri7, clinicians have a single point of access to lab results, medication records and patient demographics, data that currently reside in different systems. Clinicians can write rules against the data to identify and flag at-risk patients.

"This new software enables us to identify the little things that can have a big impact as we care for our patients," said Chris Martin, Pharm.D., JPMC Clinical Pharmacy Coordinator. "Medication administration is the most common method of treating patients. Sentri7 allows us to monitor those risks and manage them accordingly."

For example, one of the most common physical characteristics of senior citizens is decreased kidney function. With Sentri7, JPMC pharmacists can access real-time lab data to determine if a drug dosage adjustment is needed based on the patient's kidney function and consult with the attending physician to adjust the prescription.

"This is a modern drug therapy monitoring system that helps in so many ways," said Marc Rafferty, JPMC Pharmacy Informatics Coordinator. "We can combine laboratory data with patient information, and then look at medications in a number of ways to get to the answers that we need.  Essentially, we now have the flexibility to display data in a way that is more meaningful to patient safety and outcomes."

Potassium replacement is commonly used during the treatment of patients. Rafferty stated that they can, for example, establish "triggers" in Sentri7 that will inform them that adjusting a potassium dosage might be in order based on a patient's health information, which is pulled together electronically from throughout the medical facility.

"This is exactly what we mean by quality care, close to home," said Erin Claiborne, Pharm.D., JPMC Pharmacy Manager. "We are proud to be the first in the state to implement this new system. It will enhance patient care above and beyond what we do now."

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