Illinois Legislature Passed HB 1698


Chicago, IL (CompNewsNetwork) - Last night, the Illinois legislature passed House Bill 1698. More information will be forthcoming.  The Bill makes numerous changes concerning the following in relation to workers' compensation: plans by the Department of Central Management Services for State employees, creation of the State Workers' Compensation Program Advisory Board, subpoenas, burden of proof, Commissioner and arbitrator standards of conduct, employee leasing companies, citations, construction employer collective bargaining, negotiated rate, wage differential, preferred provider programs, permanent partial disability, out-of-state fees, fee schedules, electronic claims, utilization review programs, employee intoxication, Commissioner qualifications, the Workers' Compensation Advisory Board, arbitrator appointments, prohibitions on gifts, claims brought by commission employees, carpal tunnel syndrome, fraud, sentencing, advisory premium rates, and insurance oversight. Makes other changes. Contains a severability provision. To view the bill, go to:

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