IL WCC Announces Pro Se Settlement Contract Procedure


Chicago, IL (CompNewsNetwork) - In the past, pro se settlement contracts (those in which the petitioner does not retain an attorney) have been reviewed by arbitrators before the case was assigned a case number. The Illinois' Workers' Compensation Commission's research indicates this happened over 3,500 times in Calendar Year 2010.

The Commission is extremely sensitive to the needs and desires of injured employees and businesses to get files approved and closed quickly; however, this system does not give the Commission a way to determine if any of those contracts go astray and fail to get entered into the system.

Consequently, as of March 1, 2011, no settlement contracts will be approved until the case has been assigned a case number and setting. The case number and setting must be entered on the face on the contract.

Downstate parties will need to mail 3 copies of the proposed contract to the Chicago Docket Unit with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. The staff will enter the case number and setting, and return 1 copy to the sending party. Parties will need to make at least 3 more copies before presenting the contract to the arbitrator.

Inasmuch as this will increase the time it takes to get an approved contract, the Commission respectfully ask respondent attorneys to note this change and make sure they obtain case numbers and settings so that they can pursue approval of the pro se matters at the next available settings. Equally, arbitrators will review properly presented pro se contracts without unnecessary delay.

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