IL Commission Panels Realigned

                               Chicago, IL (CompNewsNetwork) - The Chairman has realigned the Commission panels, effective January 1, 2011.  Panel A will consist of Commissioners Donohoo, Lamborn, and Mason. Panel B will consist of Commissioners Dauphin and Lindsay, with a vacancy until the replacement for Commissioner Sherman is appointed. Panel C will remain the same with Commissioners Basurto, DeMunno, and Gore.

In addition, Panel B will not schedule oral arguments for the month of January 2011 because of the current vacancy and the relative number of backlogged cases assigned to each commissioner. There will be no change in current assignments and procedures regarding Motions on Review before each commissioner.

One additional change:  Due to a scheduling conflict, Commissioner Basurto will cover Commissioner Lamborn's Rockford review call on January 11.

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