HI Gov. Vetoes Bill For Medical Treatment

Honolulu, HI (CompNewsNetwork) - Governor Linda Lingle today vetoed a bill which would requires employers to continue to pay for disputed medical treatments when an employee challenges the determination by an independent physician that they are ready to return to work.  There are adequate safeguards to ensure workers receive appropriate medical care as long as their injury persists. The Governor issued the veto one day in advance of the constitutional veto deadline to highlight the need to ensure that Hawai‘i's economic recovery is not undermined by legislation that would make it harder for employers to hire and retain their workforce.

“Employers and employees alike are rightly concerned about their futures,” the Governor said.  “My Administration believes it is paramount that we respect the rights of employees and employers and not add to the financial burdens that would hinder more people from creating and getting jobs during this difficult period.”

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