HEMIC Launches 20th Anniversary TV Commercial That Gets at the Heart of Workers' Compensation


Honolulu, HI (WorkersCompensation.com) - As head of Hawaii’s leading workers’ compensation company, our CEO Marty Welch is passionate about sharing with people that HEMIC’s true mission is more than selling insurance, paying medical bills or providing an income replacement benefit for individuals sidelined from their workplace because of an injury.

“Those may be our day-to-day tasks and what most people think of when they hear our name, HEMIC,” he says. “However, what we truly do is help employers run safe and productive businesses while helping their injured employees get back to work. It’s really about returning people to their productive capacity and their livelihood. That’s what we do.”

In celebration of our 20th anniversary, HEMIC wanted to create something different and striking with our television advertising. We wanted to emphasize our core mission and the values that are the foundation of our day-to-day work.

We worked with our advertising firm, Anthology Marketing Group, to create a special 90-second TV commercial for our 20th anniversary. A shorter, 60-second edit of the spot will also premiere during the Super Bowl on February 5.

“Replacing someone’s income is the easy part. That’s just numbers,” Welch adds. “But getting injured people back to work is all about making them whole again, putting their lives back together, helping them regain their self-worth, and helping them feel worthy again. I feel the team did a great job in communicating that in this new spot.”


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