FL CFO Calls For Overriding Veto Of Cost-Saving Risk Management Reforms

                               Tallahassee, FL (CompNewsNetwork) - Florida CFO Alex Sink today called on the Florida Legislature to override Governor Charlie Crist's veto of her risk management legislation (HB 5603) during the upcoming special session. The legislation addresses the rising costs of workers' compensation claims in the state risk management program, and passed the Florida Legislature unanimously.
“This common-sense legislation is all about holding state agencies accountable and emphasizing loss prevention and return-to-work programs,” said CFO Sink. “The Florida Legislature was wise to pass this during the regular session, and I encourage legislators to put taxpayers first by overturning Governor Crist's veto.”
Based on CFO Sink's recommendations, key elements of the legislation establish return-to-work programs for certain state agencies, basing premiums on actual loss experience, and enable the Division of Risk Management with the responsibility to evaluate state agencies' risk management programs as well as recommend corrective authority.
In January, CFO Sink announced $12 million in taxpayer savings through businesslike reforms in her Division of Risk Management, including refocusing on loss prevention and addressing agencies with the highest claims numbers. These reforms were based on business best practices and advice from private sector risk management experts and led to the creation of the CFO Sink's Risk Management Advisory Council.
CFO Sink's Division of Risk Management is responsible for identifying and controlling exposure to loss or injury resulting from the daily operation of Florida's government. Through the Florida Department of Financial Services, the Division of Risk Management delivers sound, professional guidance to Florida's 48 state agencies and universities to help control loss and mitigate risk.

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