FL AG Calls For Changes To Flawed Oil Spill Claims Process


Tallahassee, FL (CompNewsNetwork) - Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi met with Ken Feinberg, administrator of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) to call for changes to the oil spill claims process. Florida's Attorney General also filed a statement of interest with U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier of the Eastern District of Louisiana offering solutions to improve the claims process being overseen by Mr. Feinberg. The statement of interest includes comments regarding the methodology created by Mr. Feinberg to determine whether a claim is to be paid and the amount of the payment.

"The claims process needs to be fair, transparent and as quick as possible in paying bona fide claims," stated Attorney General Bondi. "Each claim is a person or business whose livelihood has been deeply affected by the oil spill and they need to be compensated."

Solutions offered by Attorney General Bondi to improve the claims process include:

· Providing claims adjusters at claims offices with the authority to resolve claims on-site;

· Appointing an independent auditor to review the past and future decisions of the GCCF to ensure fairness and accountability;

· Paying immediately any interim claims pending since November and expediting all pending claim payments;

· Making claims procedures public so claimants understand how claim payments are determined; and

· Providing clear explanations to each claimant as to why a claim was reduced or denied.

As this process continues, Attorney General Bondi will continue to monitor the GCCF to ensure that all affected Floridians are treated fairly and compensated appropriately.

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