Fee Schedule Created For Chicago/Niles ASTCs

                               Chicago, IL (CompNewsNetwork) - Ambulatory surgical treatment centers in geozip 607 now have their own fee schedule. When the ASTC schedule was created in 2009, it was based on the hospital outpatient schedule. Because there is no hospital in 607, the ASTC schedule in that geozip defaulted to POC76.

Members of the Workers' Compensation Advisory Board have discussed their desire to avoid the POC76 default whenever possible. If a geozip does not have charge data, the law allows the Commission to use charges from other geozips to calculate fees.

Back in 2005, the Commission assigned all geozips into demographically and economically similar groups. Geozip 607 is assigned first to geozip 616. At the May 2010 meeting, the board recommended the adoption of the 616 schedule for geozip 607. Ingenix posted the fees on May 21, 2010.

Because a fee schedule is always evolving, the Commission recommends that parties begin following the new schedule from the date it is posted. 

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