Chief Judge Calderone Memo On NJM Charts And OSCAR

Trenton, NJ (CompNewsNetwork) - There are a few instances where OSCAR and the New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company (NJM) charts differ on weeks 90 to 96. For example, on the front of the 2007 NJM chart the benefit for 30% ofthe leg is S17, 995.50 (94.5 weeks at S190.43 a week) while the back of the NJM chart calculation and OSCAR provide a benefit of SI8,805.50 (94.5 weeks at 5199.00 a week).

In all cases, the OSCAR calculations are the correct amounts for the uniform application of the statutory payment schedule. Therefore, if there are inconsistencies between the front of the NJM charts and OSCAR, the OSCAR calculation is to be used. Since the newer NJM charts arc now consistent with OSCAR and the problem only occurred in the 90 to 96 week period, there should be few instances of such inconsistencies.

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