Charge Scrap Yard Worker With Comp Fraud

New York, NY (CompNewsNetwork) - A 25-year-old man who allegedly claimed to be too hurt to work is now facing felony charges after he was found working at a Kingston, NY, scrap yard in a case of workers' compensation fraud against the New York State Insurance Fund.

Police in Colonie, NY, arrested Jeffrey Santiago-Lugo, of Kingston, on July 1, charging him with falsification of business records, grand larceny, insurance fraud and violating the Workers' Compensation Law.

NYSIF's Division of Confidential Investigations said the claimant received $6,318 in workers' compensation payments for a work-related injury, allegedly while concealing his return to work at a scrap yard in Kingston.

“Unfortunately, we see alleged activity of this nature occurring all too frequently,” NYSIF Executive Director James J. Wrynn said. “However, NYSIF continues to crack down on this type of fraud. That is especially important now with many honest and able-bodied workers facing layoffs, and workers' compensation fraud compounding the economic strain on businesses.”

As a result of his arrest, DCI investigators estimated the potential future savings on Mr. Santiago-Lugo's claim to be $64,592. Investigators added that the claimant allegedly worked under an assumed name to conceal his work activity, returning signed statements to NYSIF that he had not gone back to work.

NYSIF was assisted in the case by the NYS Insurance Department Frauds Bureau and the Office of the NYS Workers' Compensation Board Fraud Inspector General.

Criminal complaints and indictments are accusations only. Defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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