CA's DWC Posted New EAMS Forms On Its Web Site

                               Oakland, CA  (CompNewsNetwork) - The Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) has posted a revision of the forms used to file documents in the Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS) on its Web site. The revised optical character recognition (OCR) forms are posted at and should be used beginning Oct. 23.

"EAMS regulations requiring use of OCR forms will become effective in under a month," said DWC Regional Manager Joel Harter. "These revised forms will now work best in the scanners at district offices."

Changes to the forms, which must still be approved by the Office of Administrative Law, include modification to field sizes and placement, correction of typos, correction of document types and titles in drop-down menus, and incorporation of suggestions for improvement from external users.

Since the forms are not yet finalized, users are still being asked to be sure they are using the most current version by checking the revision date next to the form.

In addition to revising OCR forms, the division has continued to work with its external user group of claims administrators, attorneys and lien claimants to create and disseminate training tools. New tools recently posted on the Web site include:

An update to the OCR forms handbook
An update to the sample files
Fillable forms instructions specifically for OCR forms
New frequently asked questions (FAQs)
Biweekly updates posted in the EAMS Insider
The majority of these tools are posted on the "Working in EAMS" page of DWC's Web site, which provides "one stop shopping" for external users who need information on working in EAMS.
The page contains a wealth of information for filers, who, on the most basic level, must decide whether they are going to be using OCR forms or e-Forms when the EAMS regulations become effective. The Web page information is divided along those lines, with tools for making that decision, filing OCR paper forms, e-Forms and legacy forms. Of course, tools for filing legacy forms have a limited usefulness because regulations requiring OCR forms will soon become effective.
On Oct. 23 DWC conducted its final in-person training session on how to file forms and documents in EAMS prior to regulations going live.
"Over the past three months alone we've trained nearly 2,000 users on the system," said Harter. "And we will continue to reach out to external users to help them work successfully in EAMS."

More information on EAMS can be found on line at

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