California Governor Schwarzenegger Announces $40 Million in Job Training Funds


Sacramento, CA - California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced the availability of $40 million in job training funds aimed at helping workers gain new skills and keep California businesses competitive during the current economic downturn.  The funds are available through the Labor and Workforce Development Agency (LWDA). 

"We are making these job training funds available during a difficult time in our economy," said Governor Schwarzenegger. "This funding will allow thousands of California workers to receive training to help them keep their jobs or find new employment - and we are happy to be extending additional assistance to our men and women in the armed forces."

The Employment Training Panel is expected to approve $28.7 million in funding on October 17. These funds will help 101 businesses and training programs prepare 20,000 workers for quality jobs in expanding industries such as health care, green technology and biotechnology.

Additionally, the Employment Development Department (EDD) will be soliciting proposals for $12 million in job training services for California veterans, with focus placed on using Workforce Investment Act (WIA)  funding to train veterans who have recently returned from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Proposals for WIA-funded programs serving veterans are due to the EDD no later than October 24, with job training starting in December.

"These job training funds will help workers and businesses stay competitive during a challenging economy," said Labor and Workforce Development Agency Secretary Victoria Bradshaw. "The investment in California's workforce will also foster innovation and help grow the green economy."

Employment Training Panel (ETP) and Workforce Investment Act funding are leading resources for the Governor's focus on job training and economic development and diversification. 

This year, the Governor has taken a number of actions to stimulate California's economy including, but not limited to: 

Additional Job Training and Other Funding

  • Directed $10.5 million to train workers displaced by the housing downturn.
  • Awarded more than $6 million in grants to help more than 1,500 newly discharged veterans as they return to the civilian workforce.
  • Awarded $5.6 million to help displaced mortgage and banking workers find new jobs.
  • Awarded more than $2.7 million to registered nurse training programs to help boost the health care workforce in underserved areas. 
  • Directed $2.5 million in job training grants directed to regions of California hardest hit by economic downturn. 
  • Urged Congressional leaders to extend unemployment insurance benefits for those who have lost their jobs in the economic downturn. 

Strategic Growth Plan/Infrastructure Investment

  • $12,729,404 in Proposition 1B funding has been allocated since November 2006.
  • $1,132,222 in Proposition 1C funding has been allocated since November 2006.
  • $4,606,169 in Proposition 1D funding has been allocated since November 2006.
  • $1,229,387 in Proposition 1E funding has been allocated since November 2006.
  • Announced eight new Enterprise Zones to boost California's economy

Housing/Foreclosure Related Actions

  • Announced an agreement with major loan servicers to streamline the loan modification process for subprime borrowers living in their homes.
  •  Launched the Community Stabilization Home Loan Program designed to help first-time homebuyers purchase homes in communities hardest hit by foreclosure crisis and announced the availability of  $200 million in loans available at no coast to taxpayers.
  • Announced more than $72 million in Federal HOME Investment Partnerships Program funds to provide assistance to first-time homebuyers and reduce the number of bank owned homes.
  • Announced $8 million grant to expand counseling services to homeowners at risk of foreclosure.
  • Administration announced $30.4 million Community Development Block Grant funds to provide housing assistance to rural communities.
  • Launched a $1.2 million public awareness campaign to help educate homeowners about options that can help them avoid losing their homes to foreclosures.
  • Pushed for federal action on key priorities for California including permanently increasing government mortgage loan limits to ease the impact of the mortgage crisis. 
  • Signed legislation in July to help protect homeowners from foreclosure and signed additional legislation in September.

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