California DWC Posts Corrected Exhibits To Annual Audit Unit Report


Oakland, CA ( - The Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) has discovered arithmetical errors in three of the exhibits to the 2011 DWC Audit Unit annual report. The errors are in the severity rate calculations involving the average performance ratings for audits at the full compliance audit (FCA) level for calendar year 2010.


The exhibits containing the arithmetical errors are:


  • Statewide Exhibit 4D, Findings for the 5 Audits that Met or Exceeded the FCA-Stage 1 Performance Rating of 2.08062
  • Statewide Exhibit4 E, Findings for the 5 Audits that Failed to Meet or Exceed the FCA-Stage 1 Performance Rating of 2.08062
  • Statewide Exhibit 4F, Final Findings for the 5 Failed Audits

The arithmetical errors are minor and have no impact on the audit results. For sake of accuracy, 2010 Audits Statewide Exhibits 4D, 4E, and 4F have been corrected to reflect the true severity rate, the true frequency rate factor for failure to pay undisputed accrued indemnity, and the true final full compliance audit performance rating. The corrected exhibits have been added to the 2011 Audit Unit annual report

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