California DWC JET File Launches Today


Oakland, CA (CompNewsNetwork) - The Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) launches JET File, a new fast, flexible and reliable electronic filing option for the workers' compensation courts. Designed and built in conjunction with external users for those annually filing 100 or more of any one of the six most common court forms, JET File offers many advantages for claims administrators, representatives, lien claimants and self-insured employers. JET File will also produce a broader impact on the workers' compensation courts by reducing the amount of paper received at the division's 24 district offices.

“It is important to encourage more participation in electronic filing as a way to improve the efficiency of EAMS and the service we provide,” said Christine Baker, acting director of the Department of Industrial Relations. “In talking with our constituents and stakeholders, it was clear that we had the same goals, and these mutual interests resulted in working together to make JET File a reality.”

DWC has built the receiving end of this new filing option and large filers can now decide how to connect to it by choosing one of three JET streams:

  • JET stream 1: Use vendor developed software. In this stream filers purchase software from an authorized vendor and use that software to JET File directly
  • JET stream 2: Use the services of a third party filer. In this stream filers use the services an authorized third party filer (TPF) who files on their behalf
  • JET stream 3: Create their own JET stream using technical specifications posted on the DWC Web site. Users of this stream create their own JET Filing mechanism so they don't need to buy software or use a TPF. This is for the tech savvy entities that want maximum control of their filings.

In addition to breaking the paper barrier by eliminating associated wait times and costs, benefits for JET Filers include:

  • Ability to submit one or many documents in a single transmission
  • Receive electronic response of success or errors
  • Receive case number electronically upon successful submission of an application
  • Holds and reprocesses DORs for up to 15 days to get a court date
  • Use OCR forms or e-forms (if in the e-forms trial) as needed.

The vision for JET File was crystallized in early 2010 when DWC and its working group of claims administrators, attorneys, service providers, lien claimants and others sought ways to improve filing. Months of work on technical requirements, development and testing for JET File followed.

“Stakeholders declared their intent to succeed jointly with DWC by working side by side over the long haul to launch this electronic filing method,” said Court Administrator Keven Star. “DWC leadership is thrilled the entities that developed their software did it so well and so quickly. Now the array of options for external electronic filers is greatly enhanced by something new that can be used by a multitude of professionals.”

In addition to directly benefitting those users who can immediately take advantage of JET File, this new method benefits the workers' compensation court system overall by reducing the amount of paper going into DWC's 24 district offices around the state, freeing DWC staff to focus on other tasks related to assisting injured workers and employers resolve their disputes.

More information—including a video introduction, accepted forms, authorized vendors, business rules, the trading partner agreement and technical specifications—is available on the JET File Web page.

Smaller filers can take advantage of electronic filing by joining the e-forms trial, and capacity is still available. Users can get help finding out which electronic filing method best suits their business needs by reviewing the electronic filing walkthrough video on the DWC's e-team Web page

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