CA Gov. Issues Statement On WCAB Decision

Sacramento, CA (CompNewsNetwork) - Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today issued the following statement after the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board decided to reconsider an earlier decision that directly affects workers' compensation rates:

"Since taking office, I've fought to reduce workers' compensation insurance rates so that businesses can thrive in California, not be punished for doing business here - and especially in our current economy we need to protect the valuable reforms we've made to the workers' compensation system.

"It's absolutely right for the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board to reconsider its earlier decision, and its decision to do so shows that board members recognize the importance of this issue. It is important that we assist California workers injured on the job, and it is also important that we protect businesses to be sure they can weather the current economy and create jobs. We must ensure that California's workers' compensation system continues to drive down costs for employers and make medical attention more efficient for employees."

The Governor has a strong record of working to reform the state's workers' compensation system, and those reforms have saved employers more than $40 billion so far.

    * In 2004, Governor Schwarzenegger signed historic workers' compensation reform that has saved employers more than $40 billion so far.
    * In 2006, Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed legislation that would have undermined the bipartisan workers' compensation reforms passed by the Legislature in 2004.
    * In 2009, the Governor sent a letter to Insurance Commissioner Poizner urging him to reject a proposed workers' compensation rate increase.

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