CA Business Owner Placed On Probation For Workers' Compensation Fraud


Ventura, CA ( - District Attorney Gregory D. Totten announced today that Charles Ruben (DOB 9/13/1951), formerly of Simi Valley, was placed on summary probation for a period of 36 months after pleading guilty to a violation oflnsurance Code section 1871.4(a)(l)-making a fraudulent statement of a material fact for the purpose of obtaining workers' compensation benefits. As a result of the prosecution of this case, Ruben paid restitution in full to victim State Compensation Insurance Fraud in the amount of $41,326, and, to victim 1st Class Access Control in the amount of $3,811. 

Ruben was placed on disability for an injury sustained while employed at 1st Class Access Control in Simi Valley. During that time, he collected disability payments that totaled $34,981 and systematically failed to report that he earned $48,686 while working as a self-employed contractor. 

Workers' compensation insurance fraud is not a victimless crime. It impacts honest business owners who comply with the law to provide insurance coverage for their employees. In the United States, workers compensation fraud costs insured employers $2 billion annually. The District Attorney's Office is committed to vigorously prosecuting dishonest employees who steal disability benefits they are not entitled to receive. 

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