BrickStreet Sells First Out-Of-State Policy

Charleston, WV (CompNewsNetwork) – BrickStreet Mutual Insurance announced today that it has written its first out-of-state policy. The policy, which went into effect Jan. 1, covers the employees of a West Virginia-based pipeline company working in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

BrickStreet, the leading provider of workers' compensation coverage in West Virginia, has until now been limited to only providing coverage for companies within West Virginia. Starting Jan. 1, BrickStreet is partnering with Argonaut Insurance Company to provide coverage in other states for West Virginia policyholders. The relationship with Argonaut will continue until BrickStreet can independently write in other states, a possibility BrickStreet plans to explore in 2009.

The Friedlander Company of Charleston is the local agent for the policy.

According to BrickStreet President and CEO Gregory A. Burton, “Our underwriters are quoting a number of out-of-state policies and soon BrickStreet will be actively competing to provide West Virginia policyholders with other states coverage. Still, this is the first and that makes it an important step for our company.”

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