BrickStreet Insurance First Workers' Compensation Company To Apply Advanced Analytics To Claims Processing


Jacksonville, FL (CompNewsNetwork) - BrickStreet Mutual Insurance Company is the first workers' compensation company to use uReveal™, a next-generation advanced analytic software, according to an announcement today by IxReveal, the software's manufacturer. BrickStreet is one of the largest writers of workers' compensation insurance coverage in the nation and the largest in West Virginia.
"BrickStreet is the first workers' compensation company to apply the most advanced analytics to claims processing and the latest financial services leader to use uReveal" said Ren Mohan, IxReveal Co-Chairman and CTO. "BrickStreet is establishing itself as a leader in the industry," he noted, "through early adoption of advanced technology to provide 'best in class' service to its clients."

"We are very encouraged by the early results generated by using uReveal technology and are convinced this program will have a significant, positive impact on BrickStreet," said Lisa Prater, manager of the Special Investigations Unit at BrickStreet. "During this period of severe economic stress," she continued, "uReveal will be an important tool in ensuring that BrickStreet maximizes its resources, responsiveness, and effectiveness for the benefit of our clients and their employees."

About BrickStreet Insurance
BrickStreet Mutual Insurance Company began its historic role as West Virginia's first private workers' compensation carrier on Jan. 1, 2006. BrickStreet is a mutual company owned by its policyholders, and is among the largest writers of workers' compensation coverage in the nation.

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