Baton Rouge Insurance Agent Arrested, Issued Cease And Desist Order, License Revocation And Fine Notice


Baton Rouge, LA (CompNewsNetwork) - A Baton Rouge, Louisiana insurance agent has been arrested, issued a cease and desist order and notice of license revocation and fine today for insurance fraud, theft and forgery.

Winston Earl Harris, 63, was arrested today by Louisiana State Police on charges of Insurance Fraud, Theft and Forgery. He was also served with a cease and desist order, notice of license revocation and a $25,000 fine today by Department of Insurance Fraud Section Investigators for alleged misappropriation, insurance fraud and forgery.

Harris is alleged to have misappropriated over $310,411 in the form of commission payments. He is alleged to have accomplished this by producing false documents and forging signatures.

Department records show that Harris was issued a Life and Health license in May 1998 which was valid until today's action.

Commissioner Donelon urges consumers who feel uneasy about any insurance related transaction to call the Department of Insurance Fraud Section at 225-342-4956 or 1-800-259-5300. If callers do not want their names used, they can request that their involvement be kept confidential.

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