Awareness Key To Preventing Injury Among Young Adults Working Summer Jobs


Columbus, OH ( - As part of National Safety Month, the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) is reminding employers and young adults that hazard awareness can reduce the chance for injuries among youth working summer jobs. BWC offers several resources for employers seeking summer help and young workers, whose lack of experience and training can contribute to workplace injuries.

"Summer brings job opportunities for Ohio's young adults to earn money and develop skills they will carry with them when they enter the job market fulltime," said BWC Administrator/CEO Steve Buehrer. "There are often hazards lurking that young adults may not consider, and employers may not take the time to explain to temporary or part-time workers. As with any employee, training will better equip youth workers to perform their jobs and return home injury-free at the end of their shift."

Young adults may be at higher risk for work injuries for a number of reasons, from reluctance to ask questions, to assuming tasks they are either unprepared or incapable of performing safely.

BWC offers a young adult tool kit listing resources that can help young adults prepare for their summer jobs. The tool kit reviews possible risks involved in typical summer jobs and provides simple guidance to injury prevention. There are also tool kits for parents, employers and educators.

The kit includes the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's job safety wheel, which reviews hazards associated with specific jobs in construction, food service, farm work, landscaping, life guarding and parks and recreation.

The National Safety Council recognizes June each year as National Safety Month in a campaign to promote the importance of safety to reduce unintentional injuries and deaths.

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