Administrator Ryan Reacts To Senate Denial Of OH BWC Board Appointees

                               Columbus, OH (CompNewsNetwork) - “Each director denied today has served Ohio's injured workers and employers admirably and played an integral role in improving Ohio's workers' compensation system. These four individuals were approved by a unanimous vote in 2007 by this very same Senate. It's apparent that the new administration can't wait to put politics back into the Bureau," said BWC Administrator Marsha Ryan.

Ryan added, “In just over three years, the BWC Board of Directors has led agency efforts to bring fairness, transparency, stability and improved services to a system that was in trouble on many fronts. Their accomplishments are many and include making Ohio more competitive for new business investment by significantly reducing the cost of workers' compensation insurance, and making sure men and women injured on the job are afforded the medical treatment and compensation they deserve. I commend each of them for their dedication and achievements and thank them for their service to the State of Ohio.”    

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