Cindy Van Eyll: An Inspiring Journey of Compassion and Care in Workers’ Compensation

01 Apr, 2024 Claire Muselman


Sarasota, FL ( -- Cindy Van Eyll found her way into the workers' compensation industry through a fortunate alignment of her compassion and a profession that values empathy and extensive knowledge of medical intricacies. Even though she had no prior knowledge of workers' compensation, Cindy quickly embraced the role. She used her background in psychology and education to excel as a claims adjuster, where understanding and aiding individuals is crucial. Her diverse early experiences, such as providing care in a pediatric ward and learning valuable life lessons from her father, helped shape her unique perspective, which she brought to her work. These experiences and her academic background equipped Cindy with a deep-seated ability to connect with and support injured workers, ensuring they receive the care and information they need. Throughout her career, Cindy has become a testament to the impact of combining personal passion with professional endeavors, making her a cherished figure in the workers' compensation industry dedicated to improving the lives of those she serves.

Building a Career on Empathy and Understanding

Cindy's professional journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to empathy and understanding. These traits have been the foundation of her career trajectory. She started her career working in a pediatrics ward, where she honed her skills in caring for individuals and their families. Currently, Cindy holds a significant role in workers' compensation, where she prioritizes the well-being and informed engagement of those she serves. Her educational background in psychology and elementary education, enriched by hands-on healthcare experience, has given her a unique perspective on the multifaceted nature of workers' compensation claims, where understanding people's needs and concerns is crucial. Throughout her career, Cindy's approach has been characterized by her dedication to clear, compassionate communication, ensuring that injured employees and employers are well-informed and supported throughout the claims process. Her deep-seated belief in the transformative impact of empathy and knowledge shines through in her work, guiding individuals through their recovery journey and facilitating a smoother transition back to employment. Cindy embodies the essence of what it means to build a career centered on empathy and understanding.

Leadership Rooted in Support and Development

By transforming her department, Cindy Van Eyll has become an example of excellence and empathy in the workers' compensation industry. She has developed a unique leadership style that is both nurturing and impactful, drawing inspiration from her rich tapestry of experiences and the mentorship she received from industry leaders. Instead of just managing her team, she sees herself as a mentor, investing in their professional growth by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and training opportunities. This approach has created a work environment where team members feel valued, motivated, and driven to deliver exceptional customer service, resulting in a collaborative team dynamic. Under Cindy's guidance, her department has achieved remarkable success, marked by a shared commitment to integrity, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement. Her empathetic and effective leadership has set a standard for the industry.

Balancing Career and Family: A Journey of Resilience and Dedication

Cindy Van Eyll's story is a powerful testament to the delicate balance between a demanding career in worker's compensation and a fulfilling family life. She made many sacrifices to strike this balance, prioritizing her children's pivotal moments while navigating the complexities of her profession. Cindy's impressive resilience and dedication are evident in her ability to rejuvenate through quality family time, stepping away from work to immerse herself in the nurturing role of a mother. Her commitment to prioritizing quality time with her loved ones highlights the significance of family values. Cindy fully commits to being present professionally and personally, reflecting a holistic approach to success that measures fulfillment by career achievements and the joy and memories created with loved ones. Through her journey, Cindy exemplifies the strength and adaptability of working parents, showing that while the balance can be challenging, it is also deeply rewarding and integral to her identity.

A Life Balanced with Family, Yoga, and Community Engagement

Cindy Van Eyll's life is a perfect example of balancing professional success and personal fulfillment. She seamlessly integrates her family life, yoga practice, and active participation in the community to create a rich and fulfilling life. As a dedicated mother and partner, she draws strength and valuable insights from her family experiences, which she skillfully applies to her professional life, enhancing her leadership and empathy skills. Cindy's yoga journey goes beyond personal well-being, as she also serves as an instructor, sharing the transformative power of yoga with her colleagues, friends, and family and spreading the benefits of mindfulness and physical health. Additionally, Cindy is actively involved with the Minnesota Workers' Compensation Symposium, where she contributes to the growth and connectivity of the workers' compensation field and fosters a collaborative environment for learning and exchange. By integrating these diverse yet interconnected aspects of her life, Cindy embodies a holistic model of success, showing that true fulfillment comes from a combination of professional dedication, personal passions, and community service.

A Lifelong Commitment to Learning and Sharing Knowledge

Cindy's passion for continuous learning and professional development is evident in her approach to every new challenge and opportunity within the workers' compensation industry. She is always eager to share her knowledge, whether teaching yoga or participating in community events like the Minnesota Workers' Compensation Symposium. Her commitment to personal growth and the education of others is profound. Even after transitioning from education to the insurance sector, Cindy's teaching journey continues, expanding her platform to impact others positively.

Cindy's resilience, mentorship-seeking, and engagement in diverse learning experiences have cultivated a rich professional life that aligns with her innate desire to teach and inspire. Her story inspires others in the industry to embrace a similar lifelong learning ethos and recognize the value of sharing knowledge and experiences to foster collective growth and understanding.

A Journey Marked by Care, Growth, and Community

Cindy Van Eyll has a remarkable journey in the workers' compensation field that demonstrates the importance of combining compassion, professionalism, and community involvement. With her extensive experience and education in psychology and education, she has a deep understanding of the field, which allows her to approach her role with a unique blend of empathy and expertise. Her resilience and commitment to her family add another layer to her professional persona, providing her with a well-rounded perspective that enriches her interactions within the industry. Cindy's journey inspires those in the field, demonstrating how compassion, knowledge, and community involvement can converge to create meaningful and lasting impacts on workers' compensation. She leaves us with the following inspiration: “Don't be afraid to challenge yourself. Have confidence in who you are and what you can offer.”

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