Caryn Seibert: A Beacon of Mentorship and Visionary Leadership in Insurance

01 Apr, 2024 Claire Muselman


Chicago, IL ( -- Caryn Seibert is renowned in claims and litigation management, particularly as we celebrate Women's History Month. She has been honored with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance. Caryn's impressive career in the insurance industry is a testament to her exceptional dedication, insight, and leadership. She began her journey as a legal professional and successfully transitioned into a leading figure in workers' compensation. Despite facing challenges, Caryn overcame them and became an icon of innovation and mentorship in her field. As the Vice President of Carrier Practice and Director of Carrier Engagement at Gallagher Bassett, Caryn has raised claims management standards and paved the way for future generations of women in insurance. This recognition during Women's History Month is a fitting tribute to Caryn's enduring legacy and her significant contributions to the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance. She is a trailblazer whose career achievements have set a benchmark for excellence and inspired countless individuals.

Pioneering Excellence in Claims Management

Caryn Seibert's career path could have been more straightforward. She demonstrated adaptability and determination in finding her true calling. Initially aspiring to become a veterinarian, her aversion to blood led her to pursue a career in the legal field and workers' compensation. Her transition from a would-be vet to a successful attorney highlights her resilience and ability to pivot. At the same time, her mention of a dream job with the Chicago Blackhawks adds a personal touch to her story. It showcases her ambition and sense of humor.

Caryn believes in not letting perfection impede progress, a principle she applies in her leadership roles and approaches to workers' compensation. She also demonstrates compassion by balancing her work responsibilities with caring for her mother. Caryn's flexible approach to life is evident in her work-from-home setup, which she balances with her love for travel and meeting new people. Caryn defines success as positively impacting others through mentorship, guidance, or shared experiences. Caryn's journey illustrates the power of resilience and mentorship and the importance of leading with compassion and empathy in the ever-evolving insurance industry.

A Multifaceted Career Defined by Leadership and Growth

Caryn Seibert has had a remarkable career that exemplifies her leadership skills and strategic vision, which has significantly impacted the insurance industry. While at Knight Insurance Group, she played a pivotal role in steering the claims operations towards unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness, laying the foundation for her future successes. People remember her as a transformative leader during her tenure as the CEO of Carl Warren & Company, which changed the company's course and greatly impacted Caryn's career. She implemented innovative strategies that propelled the company to new heights. Caryn's influence is felt widely across the industry, as she actively engages in conferences and mentorship programs, sharing her insights and fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration. Her dedication to the Combined Claims Conference is evident through her efforts to broaden its scope and impact. These contributions demonstrate her commitment to advancing her organization and uplifting the claims management community. She has proven to be a leader who transcends traditional boundaries and drives growth and improvement industry-wide.

Mentorship and Community Engagement: The Core of Caryn's Legacy

Caryn Seibert's dedication to mentorship and community engagement is a fundamental aspect of her successful career that defines her legacy in the insurance industry. Her involvement with RISE (Rising Insurance Star Executives) is a testament to her commitment to fostering young talent, providing guidance, support, and opportunities to emerging professionals, and helping them carve their paths in the sector. At the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance, Caryn's role goes beyond membership; she actively contributes to shaping the industry's future through her engagement in various initiatives, leveraging her experience to inspire others. Her efforts in establishing the CCC Scholarship Program demonstrate her belief in the transformative impact of education, providing financial support and resources to those aspiring to excel in claims and litigation management. Through her extensive work, Caryn has not only influenced individual careers but has also played a pivotal role in nurturing a culture of mentorship, collaboration, and continuous learning within the broader insurance community, making her a revered figure and a true mentor.

Innovative Contributions and Acknowledgments

Caryn Seibert is a prominent claims management figure known for her innovative strategies and leadership skills. She has received several awards, including the CLM Lifetime Achievement Award, for her decades of dedicated service and leadership in the insurance sector. Caryn is also committed to giving back to the community, as demonstrated by her receipt of the WorkCompCentral Comp Laude Award for Philanthropy. She earned the 2020 RISE - Rising Insurance Star Executives Mentor of the Year, highlighting her commitment to mentoring and supporting others to achieve success. Caryn's influence and contributions have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the Los Angeles Chapter of NAAIA - The National African American Insurance Association - honoring her with their inaugural International Women's Day Award. This award celebrates Caryn as a trailblazer and an industry advocate for diversity and inclusion. In summary, these awards and honors reflect Caryn's professional excellence and commitment to shaping claims management's future while empowering the next generation of insurance professionals.

Celebrating Caryn's Enduring Impact and Vision

The insurance community will gather in San Francisco on April 3 at 5:00 p.m. to celebrate Caryn Seibert's remarkable achievements with the CLM Lifetime Achievement Award. This event provides an opportunity to acknowledge her profound and wide-reaching impact on the insurance and workers' compensation sectors. Caryn's journey, marked by steadfast dedication, innovative leadership, and an unwavering commitment to mentorship, is an inspiring blueprint for excellence in the industry.

Caryn's approach to her work blends expertise with empathy, ambition, and altruism. This approach has propelled her career and uplifted many others along the way. Her recognition at the Claims and Litigation Management’s Annual Conference is not just an accolade for her past contributions but a recognition of a legacy that continues to influence and inspire. Aspiring professionals in the industry can look to Caryn's career as a guiding light for the future. Caryn has demonstrated that enriching oneself and the entire professional community is the key to success. Congratulations, Caryn!

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