Workers Comp Fraud Charges in Ohio and Oklahoma


Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt recently charged two men with workers compensation fraud. Charlie Jones, 45, of Norman faces one count of workers comp fraud. 

According to charges filed in Oklahoma County District Court, Jones had filed a claim for injuries to his right arm and hand allegedly sustained while working. He was awarded permanent total disability (PTD) benefits. In a medical re-evaluation two years later, Jones claimed constant pain with limited mobility.


During the investigation, Jones was observed feeding animals and cleaning his pool with no clear signs of pain or lessened mobility. The fraud resulted in Jones receiving $11,385 in benefits to which he was not entitled.


Meantime, Johnny Lee Crowder, 42, of Lawton also was charged with one count of workers comp fraud. According to charges filed in Oklahoma County District Court, Crowder filed a claim for injuries to his left hand when he tripped and fell while working. Crowder sought medical treatment for an injury to his hand sustained while at home. (WCxKit)


During the investigation, investigators found discrepancies in Jones' claim and medical records. On the day in question, the business was closed for holiday and the ambulance picked him up at home not at work as he originally stated.

Ohio Man Not Liking the Tune of Workers Comp Fraud

An Austintown (Mahoning County), Ohio man was sentenced recently for workers comp fraud after Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) investigators caught him on video entertaining partygoers and bar patrons as a disc jockey.


According to the BWC, Randall Schornack pleaded guilty and must repay more than $27,000 he collected illegally while receiving benefits for a workplace injury. (WCxKit)


BWC's Special Investigation Department (SID) received an anonymous tip on the fraud hotline that Schornack was working as a disc jockey at area bars under the name "DJ Randy Stevens."


SID's investigation determined that Schornack was working as a DJ for several bars in Mayfield and also for a professional DJ service in Girard while receiving temporary total disability benefits. The SID obtained video of Schornack unloading and carrying speakers and other equipment from his vehicle into different establishments on a weekly basis and performing work services as a DJ. (WCxKit)


Schornack was sentenced in a Franklin County courtroom and the judge ordered him to pay $27,202.62 in restitution He was also sentenced to 18 months in prison, suspended for five years of community control.


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