The Middle Matters

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So from a reading comprehension standpoint, the details of what is in the middle are somewhat immaterial as our brain tends to do “word scramble” almost automatically.  However, in the rest of our lives, and certainly in Work Comp, what happens in the middle is extremely important.  Your origination point in everything you do is just that, a starting point.  Your intended destination, or in Work Comp your “outcomes”, is what you strive for.  How you get there – methods, management, motivations – determines if your defined goal is achievable.

I believe that most people (including most injured workers) that become tolerant / dependent / addicted to prescription drugs did not start with that as their goal.  Some may be predisposed to addictive behaviors because their starting point includes a history of family or personal abuse or addiction, but even they are not predestined for the end result of addiction.  It is the process in the middle, the enablers in the physician’s office and the home and the attorney’s office and the Payer’s checkbook, and an overall Work Comp system whose participants typically have financial motivators contrary to stopping treatment, that determines the destination and outcomes.  There are a lot of people in this industry that are trying to do the right thing, but on many claims we still end up far short of the intended outcome (the injured worker back to work and health ASAP).

A plan is not a plan unless it is envisioned, conscious and executed minute by minute.  So if you find yourself, personally or in your work life, just floating along the river and allowing the currents to take you where they will, your destination is undetermined and likely far different than what you had hoped for from the starting point.  Make the middle matter.

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