Lisenbey Takes over As CEO at Broadspire

Congratulations to Danielle Lisenbey who has taken over as CEO of Broadspire, an international TPA well-regarded as one of the best in the industry. Selected as a Lexis Nexis Notable Person of the year in 2010 (see story here), she moves to the role from COO for Medical Services where she was responsible for the operation of all of Broadspire's medical and case management services. “In this position, she drove the continued development and delivery of products and services that have generated cost containment results typically 10 to 15 percent better than those produced by other TPAs and medical management companies,” the company writes of her.


Lisenbey oversaw the development of the BOLD® Network, a state-stratified, multi-tiered approach to a preferred provider organization (PPO) strategy; a durable medical equipment (DME) formulary that applies the cost management principles of a pharmacy formulary to medical equipment; and a new chronic pain protocol, a multidisciplinary approach to addressing the complex chronic pain conditions that drive the duration of workers compensation and disability claims.



She holds a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and technology from Western Illinois University. She is a member of The Society of Manufacturing Engineers and The National Association of Women Executives.




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