Abbie Hudgens Inducted into NAWCJ Hall of Fame


In 2011, Governor Bill Haslam appointed Abbie Hudgens as Administrator of the Division, now Bureau, of Workers’ Compensation.

Among her many accomplishments, Abbie led the Bureau through the 2013 Workers’ Compensation Reform Act. The Reform Act created the Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims. Abbie ultimately appointed twelve workers’ compensation judges. I can’t think of a better role model for leadership, and I’m happy to share with you Abbie’s most recent honor.

Last week in Orlando, Florida, Abbie was inducted into the National Association of Workers’ Compensation Judiciary Hall of Fame. The NAWCJ sought nominations from current members across the country, and a committee voted on the inductees.

Abbie’s induction into the Hall of Fame confirmed and recognized her exceptional contribution to and support of the educational efforts of the NAWCJ. More importantly, it recognized Abbie’s commitment to the impartial and independent adjudication of workers’ compensation disputes. Abbie received a beautiful plaque and special membership pin.

Standing in a room full of judges and administrators, I was so proud to be present for Abbie’s induction into the Hall of Fame. 

As you likely know, Abbie is retiring. However, Abbie is not one to rest on her laurels. Instead, her leadership will continue in other ways within the workers’ compensation industry. For example, Abbie’s blog, “It’s COMPlicated,” will be posted on 

Please join me in congratulating Abbie on her induction into the NAWCJ Hall of Fame!

By Judge Audrey Headrick

Courtesy of the Tennessee Court of Workers' Compensation Claims

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