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State-by-State Court Abbreviations

11 Oct, 2023 Frank Ferreri

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In case you're reading through our stories, particularly those that cover legal decisions, and you're wondering what the abbreviations mean, here's a handy chart.

Alabama Supreme CourtAla.
Alabama Court of Civil AppealsAla. Civ. App.
Alaska Supreme CoutAlaska
Alaska Court of AppealsAlaska Ct. App.
Arizona Surpreme CourtsAriz.
Arizona Court of AppealsAriz. Ct. App. 
Arkansas Supreme CourtArk.
Arkansas Court of AppealsArk. Ct. App.
California Supreme CourtCal.
California Court of AppealCal. Ct. App.
Colorado Supreme CourtColo.
Colorado Court of AppealsColo. App.
Connecticut Supreme CourtConn.
Connecticut Appellate CourtConn. App. Ct.
Delaware Supreme CourtDel.
Delaware Court of ChanceryDel. Ch.
District of Columbia Court of AppealsD.C.
Florida Supreme CourtFla.
Florida District Court of AppealFla. Dist. Ct. App.
Georgia Supreme CourtGa.
Georgia Court of AppealsGa. Ct. App.
Hawaii Supreme CourtHaw.
Hawaii Court of AppealsHaw. Ct. App.
Idaho Supreme CourtIdaho
Idaho Court of AppealsIdaho Ct. App.
Illinois Supreme CourtIll.
Illinois Appellate CourtIll. App. Ct.
Indiana Supreme CourtInd.
Indiana Court of AppealsInd. Ct. App.
Iowa Supreme CourtIowa
Iowa Court of AppealsIowa Ct. App.
Kansas Supreme CourtKan.
Kansas Court of AppealsKan. Ct. App.
Kentucky Supreme CourtKy.
Kentucky Court of AppealsKy. Ct. App.
Louisiana Supreme CourtLa.
Louisiana Court of AppealLa. Ct. App.
Maine Supreme CourtMe.
Maryland Supreme CourtMd.
Court of Appeals (before 12/14/2022)Md.
Appellate Court of Maryland Md. App. Ct.
Maryland Court of Special Appeals (before 12/14/2022) Md. Ct. Spec. App.
Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court      Mass.
Massachusetts Appeals CourtMass. App. Ct.
Michigan Supreme CourtMich.
Michigan Court of AppealsMich. Ct. App.
Minnesota Supreme CourtMinn.
Minnesota Court of AppealsMinn. Ct. App.
Mississippi Supreme Court Miss.
Mississippi Court of AppealsMiss. Ct. App.
Missouri Supreme CourtMo.
Missouri Court of AppealsMo. Ct. App.
Montana Supreme CourtMont.
Nebraska Supreme CourtNeb.
Nebraska Court of AppealsNeb. Ct. App.
Nevada Supreme CourtNev.
New Hampshire Supreme CourtN.H.
New Jersey Supreme CourtN.J.
New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Divsion      N.J. Super. Ct. App. Div.
New Mexico Supreme CourtN.M.
New Mexico Court of AppealsN.M. Ct. App.
New York Court of AppealsN.Y.
New York Supreme Court, Appellate DivisionN.Y. App. Div.
North Carolina Supreme CourtN.C.
North Carolina Court of AppealsN.C. Ct. App.
North Dakota Supreme CourtN.D.
Court of Appeals of North DakotaN.D. Ct. App.
Ohio Supreme CourtOhio
Ohio Court of AppealsOhio Ct. App.
Oklahoma Supreme Court  Okla.
Oklahoma Court of Criminal AppealsOkla. Crim. App.
Oklahoma Court of Civil AppealsOkla. Civ. App.
Oregon Supreme CourtOr.
Oregon Court of AppealsOr. Ct. App.
Pennsylvania Supreme CourtPa.
Pennsylvania Superior CourtPa. Super. Ct.
Rhode Island Supreme CourtR.I.
South Carolina Supreme CourtS.C.
South Carolina Court of AppealsS.C. Ct. App.
South Dakota Supreme CourtS.D.
Tennessee Supreme CourtTenn.
Tennessee Court of AppealsTenn. Ct. App.
Texas Supreme CourtTex.
Texas Courts of AppealsTex. App.
Utah Supreme CourtUtah
Utah Court of AppealsUtah Ct. App.
Vermont Supreme CourtVt.
Virginia Supreme CourtVa. 
Virginia Court of AppealsVa. Ct. App.
Washington Supreme CourtWash.
Washington Court of AppealsWash. Ct. App.
West Virginia Supreme Court of AppealsW. Va.
Wisconsin Supreme CourtWis.
Wisconsin Court of AppealsWis. Ct. App.
Wyoming Supreme CourtWyo.

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