Workers’ Compensation Resource Guide – Initiating A “Green” Campaign


Beverly Hills, CA (CompNewsNetwork) - Workers' Compensation Resource Guide, the premier source of information for workers' compensation professionals, announced  that after continued customer requests for an electronic Guide (e-Guide) and a highly successful trial since January, the "Guide is Going Green". 

Effective with their upcoming 2009 West Coast Edition, the Workers' Compensation Resource Guide will be published entirely in electronic format and will be mailed to their large audience of work comp claims managers, examiners and other industry professionals exclusively in an interactive CD-ROM program.

"Since taking over ownership we have been investigating ways to continue to deliver a superior product to the industry.  We found that with the rising fuel and raw materials costs if we continued with the traditional print format we would have to substantially raise advertising rates which was out of the question, especially in a challenging economy like this," explained Jasmine Termain, Director of Business Development.  "The e-Guide's new interactive format will make it easier to use for our readers, will lower production costs, and help ensure advertising rates do not increase all in an environmentally friendly way that saves on fuel, shipping and paper.  It was really an easy step to take and with our ongoing promotional campaign I know the industry will support our plans."

As part of its "Going Green" campaign, the Company has implemented a full-scale marketing campaign to ensure maximum awareness and to educate the industry about the new e-Guides coming out in January 2009.  Accordingly, the company logo, website, and monthly e-newsletter all have a new green theme.  More importantly, however, the e-newsletter will have "green" tips on ways to save the environment in simple but meaningful steps.

Since taking over ownership in November, 2007, Ms. Termain has implemented several successful strategies that have grown the readership base and reach of the Work Comp Resource Guide to help ensure it remains the premiere source of information for workers' compensation professionals.  The "Green" Campaign is yet another innovative approach to business development she has identified that will help ensure the Guide remains the critical desk reference it has become known as over the past several years.

Companies interested in speaking with Ms. Termain about advertising or growth opportunities available through the Guide can contact Jasmine at 310-560-4264 or sp; 

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