Wisconsin DWD Announces Unemployment Rates


Madison, WI  (CompNewsNetwork) - Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) Secretary Roberta Gassman announced today that Wisconsin's unemployment rate for April was 4.4 percent, down 1.2 percentage points from the March rate of 5.6 percent and nearly a full percentage point from the rate in April of 2007. The national rate for April was 4.8, down from 5.2 percent in March, but half a percentage point higher than the April 2007 rate of 4.3 percent.

"Wisconsin's labor market improved significantly in April, as the construction industry enjoyed warmer weather and manufacturing continued to see strong exports, due in part to a weaker dollar,” Secretary Gassman said. “This is the second consecutive month that we've seen improvement in both construction and manufacturing, and we look forward to continued growth. Employment in the leisure and hospitality sector also is improving, as the summer vacation season approaches.”

From March to April, total Wisconsin non-farm jobs increased by 19,600 to 2,843,200. Private sector jobs grew by 19,100, led by strong growth in the Construction sector, 8,300, and the Leisure & Hospitality sector, 6,700. Goods producers added 9,000 jobs with 8,300 in construction and 500 in manufacturing. Over the past two months, construction and manufacturing jobs have increased 10,600 and 800 respectively.

Over the year, April 2008 showed a decline of 18,800 Wisconsin non-farm jobs. Goods producers were down 13,700, led by a decline in manufacturing of 9,200. Service providers were down 5,100 over the year, led by a decrease of 6,600 in trade. Government jobs declined 100 over the year. Local government added 3,100 jobs, while state and federal government decreased their employment by 2,800 and 400 jobs respectively.

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