Washington Department Of Labor And Industries Announces Grant Money Available For Safety And Health Improvements


Tumwater, WA  (CompNewsNetwork) - The Department of Labor and Industries  said today it is now accepting applications for grants to improve safety and health at Washington workplaces.

The Washington Legislature appropriated $8 million last year from the workers’ compensation State Fund and established the grant program, known as Safety and Health Investment Projects.

L&I Director Judy Schurke said everyone wins when workplaces are safe: “Employers have a healthy workforce and lower insurance costs, workers are safe from injuries or illnesses, and the state’s economic vitality is boosted by business expansion and growth.”

Schurke said the grants program will help stimulate creative, new advancements in workplace safety and health in Washington.

L&I said eligible grant projects should aim to prevent injuries and illnesses, save lives, and educate workers and employers about workplace hazards and safe workplace practices. Priority will be given to proposals that involve cooperation between employers and employees or their representatives.

Organizations eligible to apply for grants include trade and business associations, labor organizations, employers, employee organizations, joint labor/management groups, and groups of employees. A Grant Review Committee of business and labor representatives will help L&I review grant proposals.

More information is available from Ken Mettler, grants program manager, at 360-902-6307 or invest@Lni.wa.gov.

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