Walsenburg, Colorado Workforce Center Set To Move To New Location


Walsenburg, CO  (CompNewsNetwork) - The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment has announced it is relocating the Walsenburg Workforce Center from 528 Main Street to office space nearby at 400 Main Street.  Following the move, the Workforce Center will provide services to the community on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week (hours will be from 9 am – 4 pm).

The office should not see any major disruption in service during the move and will be open for business at its new location on Wednesday, July 2.  Phone numbers may change as a result of the move and as soon as that is confirmed, those numbers will be noted in a media advisory.

Office space for the Workforce Center is being provided by the Huerfano County Chamber of Commerce, explains Donald J. Mares, executive director of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment which operates the Workforce Center.  "We are very grateful to the Huerfano Chamber of Commerce for providing us with this new location.  The chamber shares our commitment to strengthening the local economy so co-locating with them is a perfect fit.”

The office will continue to bring together a comprehensive menu of job training, education, and employment services to Walsenburg.  Employment services will be available on Wednesday and Thursday of each week, providing free job placement to all customers.  "If demand necessitates more face-to-face assistance, we will have Workforce Specialists from Trinidad visit the Walsenburg office,” he says.

Face-to-face job placement assistance will probably not be as needed as it was in the past thanks to the services now a click away online.  The website, www.connectingcolorado.com, will bring employers and job seekers together without the need to visit a brick and mortar office.  "I want to emphasize to job seekers and employers throughout Huerfano County that our presence in the community and our services to them will remain strong,”

Given the fast pace of change in today's economy, Mares says, it is important for workers to have access to training throughout their working lives.  The Walsenburg Workforce Center's partner, Rocky Mountain SER, will be on hand every Monday, offering job seekers an assessment of their skill levels, aptitudes and abilities.

Job seekers can also obtain information on a wide array of employment-related services, including local education and training options and receive help evaluating their eligibility for job training and academic programs.

"Our focus is on meeting businesses' need for a skilled workforce by providing job seekers with the training and education they need,” Mares says.  "Rocky Mountain SER can provide a wide range of job counseling, career development activities and training, all of the components that strengthen a region's economy.  They assist workers in acquiring new, marketable skills at any point in their career path.”

While the Walsenburg Workforce Center is part of a statewide network of employment and training offices, it is also very much a part of the community in which it operates.  Local businesses will continue to play an active role in ensuring that the Workforce Center is meeting their needs.  Employers in Huerfano County can turn to the Workforce Center for customized recruiting, screening of skilled applicants, on-the-job training incentives, assistance with tax credits and information on employment law.

Mares recognizes that for economic development to be successful, it must be centered at the regional level.  "For local employers, we offer the tools needed to find the right employee. For job seekers, we provide the tools to build a better future,” he says. "We look forward to continuing to work with the people of Huerfano County.  I want to assure the citizens of Walsenburg that the same services we have provided them in the past will continue to be provided at our new location.”

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