Texas Schools Group Earns $498K Texas Mutual Dividend


Austin, TX  (CompNewsNetwork) - Texas Mutual Insurance Company announced a $498,348 dividend to the Texas Schools Group (TSG) workers' compensation purchasing group today.
TSG administrator Perry Hunter Hall Inc. will distribute the dividend among the group's members.

Group dividends are based largely on the group's overall loss ratio. TSG has earned nearly $830,000 in group dividends since 2005. Many members have also qualified for individual dividends by controlling their personal loss ratios.
TSG members can adopt an industry-specific safety plan. They can also use the safety resource center at www.texasmutual.com to correct the root causes of accidents, download safety programs, get training materials and find out how much money accidents cost their businesses.

For more information about Texas Mutual Insurance Company and TSG, visit www.texasmutual.com.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company notes that past dividends are not a guarantee of future dividends, and the Texas Department of Insurance must approve all dividends.

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