Texas Insurance Commissioner Betts Signs Amendments To Medical Dispute Resolution Rules


Austin, TX  (CompNewsNetwork) -  On May 5, 2008, Commissioner of Workers' Compensation Albert Betts signed amendments to the Medical Dispute Resolution rules. The amended rules are necessary to implement statutory provisions mandated by House Bill (H.B.) 724, H.B. 1003 and H.B. 2004 (80th Legislature, 2007). They incorporate administrative-level hearings into the medical fee and medical necessity dispute resolution process between the Medical Dispute Resolution or IRO review and judicial review.

The changes also address licensing and professional specialty requirements for doctors performing review for IROs. An IRO that utilizes doctors to perform its reviews is required to use doctors licensed to practice in Texas. An IRO doctor, with the exception of a dentist or chiropractor, must hold a professional certification in a health care specialty appropriate to the type of health care the injured employee is receiving. A dentist is required to be licensed to practice dentistry and a chiropractor is required to be licensed to engage in the practice of chiropractic.

The amended rules are posted on the Texas Department of the Insurance website at http://www.tdi.state.tx.u s/wc/rules/adopted/adopted.html.

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